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  Cleaning methods can select the shape and characteristics of the jet, ultrasonic (whether degassing), shaking, rotary, gas-liquid mixture condensation, spray and other methods.
Drying method can choose our unique way to attract dry steam cleaning or vacuum drying method.

In the cleaning, drying in a vacuum using the company's

  unique steam cleaning & vacuum drying system, cleaned the
  surface clean, and dry nature of excellent
- Steam wash + vacuum drying process is conducted in a
  vacuum, so security is very good.
- For steam cleaning and drying the recovery of steam in two
  phases, solvent consumption is small, low running costs.

After intensive washing steam cleaning solvent tank tank

  degassing treatment, high strength ultrasonic cleaning ability.
Cleaning objects size W300×D400×H200 Vacuum Liquid seal-type vacuum pump
Booster pump mechanical seal
Equipment size W2980×D1690×H2360
Weight 2500KG Liquid Capacity 415L
Cleaning method 1 Slot:Ultrasonic shaking Discharged into Transportation equipment Produced according to customer requirements
2 Slot:Shaking ultrasound, manual opening and closing the body Electric Capacity 200V 25kw
Vacuum degassing systems, jet stream, spray washing, rotary and other optional Supply Compressed air0.4Mp above
ultrasonic 25KHz 750W ExhaustDiameter to 200
Drying method vacuum drying 0.5kPa below
Manually open and close the body
Cooler water:25L/min20℃
Work Beat 1 Slot
5 for ultrasonic cleaning
3 Slot
The lid closed, vacuum for 0.3
Steam cleaning2.0
Vacuum ultrasonic for 1.5
Open air 0.4
Lid open 0.6
Optional items Automatic fire extinguishers, gas detectors,
Rotary washing basket rotating bodies,
Nitrogen vacuum lifting bodies,
※ clean blue size, slot number, etc. can be produced according to customer requirements
2 Slot
Vacuum ultrasonic cleaning for 4.5
open air for 0.5




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